A new beginning

Hi All,

Having completed my apprenticeship as ghost writer for Jack,  I think it is time now to introduce myself properly. My name is Duncan, I am 44 years old, married with a Son aged 13 and a Daughter aged 12. When I started writing Jack’s Blog I did so as a way of giving an insight into what it was like for a family to live with Parkinson’s Disease. I wanted to share the day to day things that are not always visible to people outside of our immediate family. I didn’t want to come across as preaching or self pitying, because that is simply not me.

Guest writer for next week
                     Allie our wise old Cat.

I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease 12 years ago. At the time I knew nothing about the condition, but needless to say I know a little bit more about it now. It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, not just for me, but for family, friends and colleagues also, they didn’t ask to  come on the ride, but so far none of them have asked to get off either. Supporting me throughout, from the shock of the initial diagnosis, to helping me to finally learn to live with Parkinson’s Disease they have stood their ground and so must I.

Yes I have Parkinson’s Disease, but what but it does mean for me now? Have I changed? I have no idea what my life would be like if I had not been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 12 years ago. Last Saturday, I came to the realization that I don’t care about what might have been anymore. Not everything in my life has changed, just the way I was looking at it. My wife, friends, and family still call me Duncan and my children still call me Dad. I realized that life with Parkinson’s is what you make of it, not by avoiding the things you think you can’t do, but trying the things that you want to do, even if you are afraid you might fail.

Where was I when this struck me? I was on a tee box for the first time in 12 years having not picked up a golf club since I was diagnosed. Nervous, not wanting to embarrass myself I had already tried to back out at the last moment, but my playing partners were having none of it. I may have lost 6 balls in the space of 9 holes, I did loose count of how many strokes I had taken and missed make-able putts from 12 inches. But I really enjoyed myself and so did the rest of the 4 ball…. Wife, Daughter and Son. I want to play again, and so do they, but we are not going to wait 12 years for the next one!!

3 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. I love it Duncan, see it is what you do best, I know Jack is smiling down on you from heaven and would be happy that’s your writing again! please don’t wait 12 years before you try something you haven’t done in a while again especially if you enjoy it! Lots of love to you and your family😅

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  2. I have young onset Parkinsons too, although I have had it a while now. Yes it is life changing, but not in the way people imagine, I have never been happier and I -to a great degree – am in control. Sure there are things I cannot do, and some attempts at doing things are hilarious, but just take a look at my blog Sewangelicthreads.blogspot.co.uk and see what I CAN do! Best wishes to you and your family . Just off to do the hippy hippy shake now, ,,,,

    Best wishes, Angela On 8 Nov 2015 20:43, “Jack… A Dog’s View of Family life Living With

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