The Only Place You are a Burden… Is in Your Own Heart.

WP_20150209_016 (640x359)The Owner and I were watching a home renovation TV show this evening, about a veteran who had been invalided out of his military for injuries recieved after serving for 10+ years. His injuries are progressively debilitating and he was really struggling with moving his life forward, believing that for him his future was on pause for the rest of his life. In his own words “I don’t want to be a burden, I don’t want my condition to prevent my family from doing things, that they would be able to do if I was able-bodied.” He is married to a wonderful woman with three fabulous children, but struggling to accept the physical limitations and identify a future for his family given his medical condition. Sound familiar?

I think everyone on the TV show cried when the reveal was done, The Owner cried and I would have too (if I could!!) The effect of seeing this man who had nearly given up, being given his hope back was very powerful and emotional for him and his family. During the show his family were interviewed about the effect of making his home more accessible to him would be. The recurring theme of their answers were that their father felt he was a burden, but that they loved him regardless of his injuries and the day-to-day difficulties of living with his condition. Sound familiar?

He is a proud man, and reluctant to ask for help, but the effect the renovations to his home had on his life was profound. The father was stunned by the generosity extended to his family, and that is the key… He  realised that the family included everyone living under the roof, most importantly him. That denying his wife and children of his participation was making the situation worse not better. That he could no longer deny them the love, care and devotion that they unconditionally give him everyday and that they love him just the way he his. Sound familiar?

The story resonated with The Owner and I. You could replace his injuries with The Owners Parkinson’s disease and they would fit like a glove. Just let them love you…

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