Ask him how he isHi it’s Jack here… Not such a great weekend for me. I ate something on Friday, that didn’t agree with my stomach (tasted great but my stomach disagreed!!) I woke up very early on Saturday morning because I really, really needed to go outside for…well you know… eh, kind of embarrassing but I really needed to go. The next problem? 4.00 am and the rest of the pack still asleep… !! I went upstairs (I am not usually allowed upstairs), and went into their bedroom. The Cat languidly raised her head, gave me full volume Cat Stare and said “Oh go on then, if you really have to…” I gently licked the Owner’s arm and woke him. He opened his eyes, looked at me from the bed and said “It’s ok Jack, I know what it’s like.” He took me downstairs, let me outside and then waited for me to finish (which took a little while!!) When I came back in he patted me on the head, and said “Good boy Jack, now back to bed.”

Boy, was I relieved, mentally as well as the other way. He didn’t get mad, he didn’t complain, he just understood that something which might not be such a big deal for some, was a big deal for me. He understands that dignity plays a very important part in everyone’s life, and that for me, an accident on the rug would be mortally embarrassing, never mind messy on the rug!! Worst of all… I would never hear the end of it from you know who.

The Owner works from home, so I get to see him doing his job quite a bit. I love watching him work when he is on top of his game, doing what he does best and enjoying it. On a good Parkinsons day, when everything falls into place, and he’s able to work at full throttle… well, he really treasures those moments. It’s only now that the penny has dropped for me and I realise just how important his dignity is to him… to still be able to be viewed, valued and validated as a professional, to still be able to earn the respect of his colleagues, peers and clients. And for him that’s a big deal.

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