We all need somebody to lean on.

We All Need

I am 10. Which according to some very complicated human formula is supposed to make me 70 in “dog years”, whatever “dog years” are. In my book that still makes me 10, and looking good. One of my owners friends is in his 50’s (human years!!) has a wife and 3 children, and last week he told my owner that he had been recently diagnosed with cancer. His wife has been sick for a long time… sometimes we all need somebody to lean on.

So step up owner and friends… what did they do? They went to the pub on a Thursday evening, a school night!! In the privacy of the snug with 2 other friends they drank Guinness, so much in fact that Friday didn’t really happen (they really are not as young as they think they are!!). But they had a great time, they smiled, laughed, and in general didn’t take themselves too seriously, amongst friends that’s ok and is very worthwhile.

Gave my family pause for thought too, sometimes we need to step out of our normal day-to-day and realise that there are other families with much greater challenges to face than our own. They do so with inspirational grace, humour and steadfast belief. In a very quiet and dignified way they just get on with life, no complaints, no drama, no blame.

Our job? Is to remember that some days even superheroes wear their underpants inside their clothes and that on those days we all need somebody to lean on. So lean on me when you are not strong…

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