Not a dog’s life… It’s a Mom’s Life!

Sometimes I wonder if there is more I could do… the girl and the boy are growing up quicker and quicker. They spend more and more time away from our pack (which IMHO should still not include the cat.) When they get home in the evenings be it school or sports, they are tired and hungry, they need fed and the day discussed, homework checked, then bed. By the time my owners finish their day, all they want to do is collapse into bed… they look at me and say “it’s a dog’s life Jack…Goodnight.”

It’s tough enough raising children, my poor mother had 9 of us to deal with, but that’s another story, tougher still if one person can’t carry a full share of the load. If the father is travelling with work, tired, or having a bad Parkinsons day, then it all falls on the Mother, most people don’t see it, but I do because I watch her.

From 6:30 am to 9:30 pm every day, she plans and produces school lunches, breakfast and dinner. She organises laundry, cleans the house… and then goes out to work!! She does not complain, she just get’s on with it. She is not the one that is sick, but she carries the largest load. Sometimes when she is alone she sheds a few tears, I put my head in her lap and she knows that I love her, she stands up and smiles and says “Jack Dog I love you”, I think to my self… not a dog’s life… It’s a Mom’s life, now how can I help her?

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